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Homebuilder Tech

Homebuilder Tech Speakers

  • Matt Riley
    Matt Riley
    VP of Sales & Marketing
    Builder Designs
  • Chip Johnson
    Chip Johnson
    Builder Designs
  • Mollie Elkman
    Mollie Elkman
    Group Two
  • Angela McKay
    Angela McKay
    VP, Client Experience
    Lasso CRM
  • John Lee
    John Lee
    Rendering House
  • Dave Betcher
    Dave Betcher
    VP, Consulting Services
    Lasso CRM
  • Bassam Salem
    Bassam Salem
  • Chad Sanschagrin
    Chad Sanschagrin
    Cannonball Moments
  • Chris Hartley
    Chris Hartley
    VP of Sales and Marketing
    Trendmaker Homes
  • Jake Scherrer
    Jake Scherrer
    Director of Builder Regional Sales for New Construction
    Zillow Group
  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith
    Vice President
    Builder Designs
  • Chris Scott
    Chris Scott
    Lead Software Engineer
    Builder Designs
  • Bill Doughty
    Bill Doughty
    Digital SEM Strategist
    Group Two
  • Matt Coddaire
    Matt Coddaire
    Managing Director
    Group Two
  • Alexis Udine
    Alexis Udine
    Account Supervisor
    Group Two
  • Alexandra Quedenfeld
    Alexandra Quedenfeld
    Account Supervisor
    Group Two
  • Chelsey Keenan
    Chelsey Keenan
    Social Media Director
    Group Two
  • Adrian Aguirre
    Adrian Aguirre
    SEO Specialist
    Group Two
  • David Bean
    David Bean
    Director of SEO & Google Ads Services
    Builder Designs
  • Kerry Mulcrone
    Kerry Mulcrone
    Kerry & Co
  • Renee Carlson
    Renee Carlson
    Senior Marketing Manager
    Mattamy Homes
  • Vicky Bak
    Vicky Bak
    Social Media Specialist
    Group Two
  • Lindsay Haltom
    Lindsay Haltom
    Director of Marketing
    Homes by Taber
  • Marty Collins
    Marty Collins
    Senior Director of Revenue and Business Strategy, New Construction

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